8 Best Colours for Bedrooms

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The bedroom is your favorite place at home, being the reason why you should make it as pleasant as possible. There are many ways to achieve that, either by decorating it the way you always wanted or simply by choosing the right colors that can make any space look much more beautiful. There is something that is known as color psychology and it has actually been proven that colors can affect people’s mood and behavior a lot. It is why the color of your bedroom should be carefully chosen, and maybe you should check how each color can affect you, so you may make up your mind. However, if you don’t have time to read a lot, just pay attention to our list. We bring you 8 best colors for bedrooms, and from the list, you will find out the meaning behind all those colors. You can always decide to try yourself out in painting or call a professional painter. Whatever you choose, read this first!

  1. Turquoise

Besides being a beautiful color, turquoise can bring you stability and peace. It is highly recommended for a teen or student’s bedroom, as it brings a serene feeling. It can really help you focus while study, read, or simply think about life.

2. Sunshine Yellow

This is the color for brave people, and not everyone can decide to paint the bedroom in sunshine yellow. However, it has been proven that this is a very optimistic color, as it really helps increasing happiness and creativity!

3. Earthy Brown

Colors like earthy brown really help you concentrate and this color is also considered to be very comforting. Another advantage is that you can combine many other colors with it, but if your choice is white, count on having a jackpot!

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4. Peony Pink

Teenage girls usually decide to paint the bedroom in this color, and that is not just because of the simple belief that pink is a girly color. The psychology says that this is a very energetic color, as it affects those who spend a lot of time surrounded by it in a very positive manner.

5. Lime Green

Again, this is a very brave, yet very beautiful color. As it has always been associated with nature, it is really refreshing, energetic, and serene. It is even better when combined with white furniture, making a perfect combination.

6. Light Blue

The color of the bright sky can be very good for your bedroom and for you. This is a very serene color, and no matter how gloomy the day is outside when you enter your bedroom, you will forget about that! It enhances your energy and brings you peace.

7. Vibrant Purple Shades

There are many nuances of the purple color, but whichever you choose, you will not make a mistake. This color is in connection to royalty and can definitely be very refreshing for your bedroom environment.

8. White

Last but not the least, in combination with some other, or alone – white is always a good idea. This is the color of the light, goodness, innocence, purity, and many other things that have positive connotations. If you enjoy simplicity, white is the answer!

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