7 Prerequisites Before Hiring Cleaners

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Do you want your working environment clean all day? The quality of commercial cleaners you engage matters.

These top factors to consider will help you get value for your money when hiring commercial cleaners.

1. Do They Have the Requisite Experience?

Before you commit commercial cleaners to work for you, make sure they have the requisite experience. An experienced commercial cleaning company adheres to the highest industry standards. While there are some reputable startups out there, you can never go wrong with a reputable company backed by years of experience.

2. Check their Insurance Policy

If the cleaning company offering their services to you is any good, they should have insurance. Check their insurance cover to be certain it’s the relevant one, and that it is active. They should have current liability insurance before you allow them to enter your premises to work. You don’t want to be held accountable for injuries incurred by the cleaning company’s staff working on your premises. Make sure the cleaning company meets all the safety standards stipulated in the law.

3. Cleaning Schedule Flexibility

As the client, you have the power to dictate a cleaning schedule that suits your business dynamics. For instance, your school may need to be cleaned every afternoon, whereas a sports facility might need early morning cleaning. Determine the frequency of your cleaning and the ideal time for your business. Your choice cleaner should be flexible enough to adjust to your schedules. They should keep time and respect your company’s routine.

4. Determine Your Ideal Environment

Be clear about the impression and work environment you want to create for your customers and employees. This clarity will not only inform the kind of commercial cleaner you should contract, but also the scope of the assignment, and the quality of the desired results. The ultimate goal should be to create a positive workplace environment. For instance, a clean reception and compound are the first points of contact for people visiting your workplace. First impressions leave lasting expressions.

5. Get Cost and Quality Assurances

Before you sign up the cleaning company, get guarantees on the quality of work you will be paying for. There should be a clause stating that no payments will be made unless certain standards are met. Don’t accept generalized assurances on quality satisfaction. A commercial cleaner that cannot assure you satisfactory results before payments are made is perhaps not able to deliver expected results.

6. Are the Workers Professional?

The commercial cleaner you engage must, as a matter of necessity, have trained, professional cleaners. They should be able to work in a manner that exudes decency, efficiency, punctuality and discipline. You don’t want cleaners who will give your business a bad name by their unprofessionalism. You want workers who will seamlessly adjust to your work culture and outlook, not stick out like a sore thumb; for all the wrong reasons.

7. Ability to Green Clean

Your commercial cleaner should be able to guarantee a cleaning service that does not pollute the environment. The equipment they use should meet the legal stipulations of environmental preservation. They should demonstrate their responsibility for environmental conservation by using tools and employing cleaning tactics that leave the environment better than they found it.

You can always find a commercial cleaner to deliver a quality cleaning service that is within your budget. Knowing what to look for in an experienced commercial cleaner is key to getting the best service at the most reasonable cost. Do your research to establish their ability to provide a professional service. Also, make sure to check their liability insurance policy to be sure it’s up to date.

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