6 Smart and Intuitive Store Display Ideas

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One huge factor in moving more merchandise in your retail store is how good your product displays are. If people can’t see what your store has to offer, then they won’t buy it – simple as that. But what isn’t so simple is coming up with great, unique store displays and concepts that will appeal to your target demographic.

If you have no fresh ideas for amazing product displays, why not read this blog post? You’ll discover six store display ideas that are actually helpful – and that will get your products moving instead of sitting stagnant on a shelf. Let’s go!

1. Take risks for bold results

Some days you just want to give your store a fresh, new look…but you aren’t sure if you want to commit to something crazy. Well, here’s one of the most unconventional store display ideas: embrace the crazy.

If you sell clothing but aren’t sure how to grab people’s attention (especially if you’re located in a mall stuffed with clothing boutiques and outlets), why not hire some human mannequins to model the clothes you sell? People will be intrigued – and intrigue will bring them into your shop where you can wow them with the quality of your clothes.

What if you sell books? Try wrapping some popular books in plain brown wrapping paper, jotting a few descriptive adjectives about each book on the wrapping paper, and then allowing people to pick out a book…sight unseen.

They’ll have the thrill of a mystery to enjoy and your unique approach will motivate them to spread the word about your store. Basically, take your store’s products and see if you can flip your current retail display concepts around to create something new and fresh.

2. Keep things uncluttered

Whatever the phrasing might make you think, negative space does not have a negative effect on shoppers. In fact, these store display ideas will often have quite the opposite reaction – and that positive vibe can do wonders for your business.

Just think about it: shoppers see hundreds and thousands of products on their shopping trips…and those products are often loud, colorful, and smashed together in a relatively small space. Their eyes get tired of seeing so many things around every corner, so why not make your store a haven from the overwhelmingness?

If you paint the walls of your store a soothing, neutral color and leave empty spaces between your products, you’ll create a restful environment for the weary shopper. This approach won’t work for every kind of store, but it can do wonders for many.

3. Utilize clothing racks

If you’re in the garment business, clothes racks are probably your best friends when it comes to setting up store displays. But too many of the same back or white clothing racks can make a store seem tired, boring, or even outdated.

Instead, try adding a pop of color by painting your racks bright or pastel colors (depending on the general palette of the clothes you sell). You can also purchase adjustable racks so that you can have varying heights and lengths – these store display ideas will break up the monotony and establish points of visual interest.

4. Let the time of year work for you

Do you sell clothes? Books? Hardware? Papers, pens, and pencils? Whatever products you stock in your store, there should always be a way for you to cater to the different seasons, months, and holidays celebrated in your area. Displays created around a season or holiday can be stunning, fun, and #instagramworthy works of art.

If you’re trying to move clothes before the fall season is over, create a warm red and orange backdrop near the front of the store with your fall collection displayed prominently. Books? Pull some different autumn-themed titles from the shelves, add some leaves (probably best to use fake ones, as they won’t crumble and create a mess), and you’re good to go.

Pens and papers? Create a back-to-school display with cardboard cut-outs of school buses, autumn trees, and eager students. Whatever the time of year, your imagination will help you bring a seasonal store display to life. These store display ideas are easy once you start brainstorming!

5. Create displays catered to customer interaction

Most (if not all) clothing stores already embrace this tip, providing changing rooms and attendants to measure and assist customers. People can try on different clothing before committing to anything – and that’s how it should be. But what about other types of shops?

If you own a bookstore, considering creating a cozy reading nook where customers can ‘test drive’ different novels and nonfiction tomes before buying. If you work in the technology industry, having a wall of sleek new phones, laptops, and tablets for customers to play around with is a great idea. Let the people who enter your store try things out for themselves – they’ll be more confident about their purchases and you’ll have less returns.

6. Group related products together

Place a cute, contrasting purse by a pretty sundress. Combine a sad book with a pack of literary-themed tissues. Put the marshmallows by the graham crackers and chocolate bars. There are endless, appropriate combinations you can make with your products. Customers will find this endlessly helpful and your sales will go up. It’s a definite win-win.

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