6 Neat Tricks to Stay Comfortable in a Costume

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If you do your part to help your school, it’s possible you could be wearing a mascot costume. This will allow you to give back to a place you love. Getting an education is hard work, but you can have a lot of fun when you know how to do so.

There’s little doubt that being a mascot is a great place to start. Of course, you may have doubts about how comfortable this job will be. You know the suit may be heavy, but this shouldn’t prevent you from this role. Merely being aware of tips that can help you feel better when wearing it is sure to be helpful.

1. Be fit

One of the best things you can do is not to be overweight if you have to wear a heavy costume. You may find that losing excess weight isn’t that hard to do and will allow you to feel better while in it.

You’ll undoubtedly be able to move around with greater ease, and this alone will allow you to enjoy more comfort regardless of what you’re wearing.

2. Choose light clothing

It’s important to consider what you’ll wear underneath your costume actively. This isn’t the time to wear items that are extremely heavy because this will make the entire situation worse.

It’s a great idea to wear a light-weight shirt and pants underneath the costume. Doing this can allow you to feel more at ease and it can be much less challenging to get around where you need to be.

3. Wear a sweatband

One thing you may not think about doing but is a great idea is wearing a sweatband. Doing this will be helpful in keeping sweat out of your eyes and is sure to make you feel much better.

Of course, you don’t need to choose an expensive sweatband but one that merely stays on well and is simple to use. This will allow you to get the absolute biggest bang for your buck.

4. Drink water

Did you know that adding more water to your day is a great way to stay hydrated and enjoy some other health benefits? Well, it is, and you can feel better in your mascot.

Aim to drink a few glasses before you get out on the field to help your body be ready for this time. Of course, you’ll want to continue to drink water during and after the game.

5. Use a cooling vest

It’s entirely possible to get a vest that will allow you to stay cooler underneath your uniform. You can purchase these at various sporting shops, and there’s a good chance that you’ll be reimbursed for the cost of it.

Just choose one that fits your body size and doesn’t forget to look for the light-weight option in the process. This combination is sure to keep you fresh and comfy during the game.

6. Eat light

The last thing you may want to do is eat a heavy meal before wearing your mascot uniform. You could feel quite sluggish and tired, and this is not the way to go about this time.

Eating a light meal or snack can allow you to feel much more comfortable when it’s time to put on your costume.

Doing what is best for you during this time is essential and will allow you to feel comfortable. Just do the tips above, and you may find it’s possible to have the best time ever!

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