5 Simple Rules to Master Mobile Forms

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Mobile forms are playing an increasingly vital role in how information is collected and processed. Many of us fill out forms on an almost daily basis without even thinking about it. That being said, when it comes to having an option between filling out a form or not, it comes down to the quality of the form, how visually appealing it is, and how easy the fill-out process is, when making the decision whether or not to do so.

If you’re trying to get people to fill out the forms that you’ve spent time and effort putting together, its crucial to have a solid mobile form provider working for you. Here are some tips on what to look for.

1. Easy is the name of the game

When evaluating a mobile form provider’s portfolio, ease of use is what you want to look for. If a user hesitates for even a moment when it comes to filling out the form, the chance that they are actually going to do it is decreased dramatically.

It should be intuitive, simple to understanding and invitingly easy. Think of it like this, forms are only meant to function as a means to an end. A well-designed form will be quick to fill out and involve no confusion whatsoever about what is being asked of the user.

2. Straightforward customization

In addition to being easy for the final user, you also want to find a mobile form provider that will turn over a product which will be easy for you to use too. Look for a provider that has intuitive setup and implementation and that can be customized or edited by any administrators.

You might realize down the road that certain small tweaks could be made in order to improve functionality and want to be sure you’ll be able to make them easily and confidently.

3. Don’t forget about analytics and support

Ideally, your mobile form provider will also provide analytics to support your reporting needs. You need to be able to make sense of all the data you are collecting, and the mobile form provider should be well-equipped and ready to help you do so.

Make sure you actually get a look at what these reports will look like and ask yourself if they are logically presented and easily digested. In addition, you want to choose a provider that is going to be at your side throughout the process and is able to consistently offer resourceful, reliable support if you happen upon an obstacle you need help with.

4. Things about types of data and formatting

Of course, when choosing a mobile form provider, you need to make sure that they product they are offering is able to collect the kind of data that you need and that the variety is rich enough to account for how your requirements might change in the future.

Don’t forget to think big picture and give yourself room to grow. In addition, look into the various formats they have available for data delivery and what kind of devices work with this.

5. Start with a free trial

Most worthwhile mobile form providers are confident enough about their product that they are willing to offer users a free trial to test things out. This is a good sign that the company believes in what they and will give you an opportunity to see if their services work for you without the stress of commitment or decision making.

Take advantage of this opportunity and maybe even consider trying out a few different options to see what really works best within the framework of your organization.

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