10 Cheap Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Like A Million Bucks

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small kitchen ideas

What if I tell you that transforming your tiny kitchen into a wonderful looking and well-appointed space is actually a piece of cake? Plus, you can forget about spending a lot of money for optimizing each and every inch. Here are 10 tips that will help you beautify and maintain your kitchen’s efficiency.

  1. Choose the colors wisely

small kitchen

Setting up a small kitchen is quite challenging with regard to the color palette. Opt for light shades, which optically magnify the space and make full use of the natural light and make the room pop. Go for a white, beige, gray or pale pink tile and maintain chromatic coherence throughout the kitchen. If you want to create a strong contrast, you can use a slightly darker color (such as petroleum or navy gray) for the wall that faces the door – this will add depth to your kitchen.

  1. Add a pinch of transparency

When we’re talking about limited space, the last thing you want to do is cutting the vision line and making your kitchen seem even smaller. To avoid that, look after some transparent chairs or bar stools which will effectively make the room look airy and shiny. You can find these at extremely affordable prices, so don’t worry about breaking the bank. Clever, right?

  1. Let there be light

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An extremely simple trick: let natural light stream in by opening as many windows as you can. This will make the kitchen appear bigger by extending the visual horizon. Do you want to add a sprinkle of charm and character? Just place a small flower vase close to your windows and enjoy the elegant touch.

  1. Use drawer organizers

Wanna know a secret that will make your teeny-tiny kitchen look awesome? Keep it as uncluttered and neat as you can. Grab some inexpensive drawer organizers that will help you have all your stuff away from plain sight, yet within easy peasy reach. Plus, your counters and cabinets will be tidy, as well.

  1. Hanging shelves for the win

Use the free space that you have available and place some basic hanging shelves. You can use them to keep spices, sweets, jars, even small home appliances such as blenders or toasters.

  1. Move the fridge

Is your fridge in the kitchen? Have you thought of moving it elsewhere, for example in the nearest hallway? This way, you will free up plenty of space and you won’t be worried about it being damaged by steam or high temperatures.

  1. Spice up your windows

small kitchen design

When you’re dealing with a cramped kitchen, try to make the eyes look outside, to the open spaces and lovely views. A flower vase, a window plant, a beautiful valance curtain, or a colorful bowl of fruits will keep the attention away from the small interior.

  1. Make use of the corner spaces

More often than not, the challenging-to-reach, yet generous cabinet corner space is going to waste. Fix that by installing some corner cabinet shelves – these will give you the chance to use every inch of space and store items that would otherwise clutter your beloved kitchen.

  1. Grab a folding table

This precious item is inexpensive and extremely practical for saving your valuable floor space. You can use it to relax and enjoy your meals and even prepare a delicious dish. And the greatest thing about it is that after you’re done, you simply fold it and store it away.

  1. Slide the space out

Here’s a great tip: build a slide-out board where you can cut fruits and veggies. No more extra cutting boards on your cabinets. Smart!


With these useful tips, your small kitchen will certainly become one of the most admired and appreciated rooms in your home.

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