You don’t have to be a professional electrician, master, plumber, bricklayer, or anything similar in order to be able to fix minor issues in your home. It is why there is a list of tools that every house should have. Of course, don’t rely on yourself and on those tools in every occasion. Sometimes you […]
Living in a small house is not always easy, but it can definitely have certain advantages, especially if you learn how to use the small space in a very smart manner. There are many clever tricks and hacks on house to use the small space and make it be much more practical and even look […]
Do you always have to rush to your nearest home improvement store each time you need to get some handy-work done around the house? Having the right tools for a job is not only more convenient but makes DIY jobs much safer. These mad dashes can be avoided by having a collection of tools for […]
For the most part, attics are usually used to store boxes, old furniture, and antiques that have probably rusted. However, you can do more with your attic than simply letting it hold items you don’t want to look at anymore. You can make it into an inviting space that you’ll want to visit and spend […]
There’s only one way to survive a hurricane…flee! But what happens to your beautiful home when you’re gone? Do you let Mother Nature have her way?  The shocking images of the sheer destruction left in the wake of Katrina, Irma and other hurricanes can lead you to believe that you can’t do much to protect […]
When you are in need of a retreat, sometimes your bathroom is your only sanctuary. Yet aside from the most basic needs of a sink, toilet and bathtub or shower, what you add to a bathroom cam transform it out of its usual utilitarian dwelling. We have ten ways you can turn your abode into […]
What if I tell you that transforming your tiny kitchen into a wonderful looking and well-appointed space is actually a piece of cake? Plus, you can forget about spending a lot of money for optimizing each and every inch. Here are 10 tips that will help you beautify and maintain your kitchen’s efficiency. Choose the […]
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