How to Pick Exterior Colors for Your Home Like Boss

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Choosing an exterior color for your house is not a simple exercise. You need to consider both beauty and durability. If you make the mistake of choosing colors that are bland, your house will look featureless and flat. If you pick colors that are too bold, you might deface your home’s architecture and probably upset the neighbors. Below is a guide on how to choose exterior paint colors for your house.

  1. Check the Roof

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When choosing an exterior paint, think of the walls that you will paint on as a canvas. Next, picture the roof as the background of this painting.  You need to realize that the roof, whether it is shingle, terra coat, iron, or whatever material it is made from, should be a factor in your choice of color. It forms the backdrop of the entire paint job. The colors that you choose need not be similar, but at the very least they must be in harmony.

  1. Get Inspired by Nature

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Nature should inspire the exterior colors that you choose for your house. If your home is near a beach, shades of blue or pink might make for a good choice of external colors. If your house is surrounded by trees and greenery, an earthy palette of colors might be ideal. Take your cue from nature.

  1. Borrow from Your Neighbors

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The second place to get inspiration is from your neighbors. The reason that you want to cross check the color options that you are considering with the dominant color in the neighborhood is that you do not want to stand out like a sore thumb. Deviating from what is the predominant color scheme in the community could put you in the crosshairs of the neighborhood as well as zoning laws in your locality.

  1. Consider Things That Will Not Be Painted

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Certain parts of the exterior will not be painted. For instance, the brown color of wooden doors should be left intact. The same goes for the building material of your house. If the building block is red brick, leave it red. The gist of this is that once you have identified parts of the exterior that will not be painted, choose a color scheme that syncs with the colors that are already present in the structure.

  1. Use Light Colors

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To project a larger image for your house, go with lighter colors. The bright color that is preferred for this sort of projection is the color white. This explains why grand houses on large estates are painted white. The color white adds to your home’s sense of grandness and dignity. If this is the image that you intend to convey, then leverage on the use of light colors.

In case you desire to recreate the original color scheme of a house or to analyze old paint chips, call on a professional painter. An exterior color scheme that is perfectly executed will highlight the beauty of a house, disguise design flaws, and improve the market value of your home. The ball is in your court.


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