How to Choose the Best Colours for Your Home

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Your house will need a fresh coat of paint every now and then. Like most people, you probably grapple with color choices. Unfortunately, picking the right color could mean the difference between a successful remodel and a flop. For this reason, you need to take your time to decide what colors to go with. It’s usually not as easy as going with a color you like. At the same time, you do not want to go through several gallons of varying paint colors to settle on something that sits well with you.

Below we go over how to choose paint colors for your home.


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Going with the trend makes your home look modern. Over the last couple of years, the trend has been to go with bright colors. However, this trend is now on the wane, and the world seems to be transitioning to softer, muted tones, with plenty of black colors laced with metallic accents. If you’re a hip person who wants a trendy house, avoid bright colors.

Theme of the room

A mistake that most people make is the decision to pick a color and work the theme of the house around the said color. That is costly because it forces the scheme of everything to revolve around the color as opposed to the other way around. Doing this only boxes your creativity into one color. The color scheme should be picked from hues of items such as cushion fabric, curtains, and artwork. The dominating color of these materials determines the color of the room. This is how to choose paint colors for your home.

Emotional Goal

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You must consider the emotional goal of every room you want to paint. Color has a way of influencing emotion and perceptions in a way that is not obvious. For example, the color blue invokes serenity while red invokes aggression. With this in mind, painting a bedroom red would be a somewhat absurd. Always factor in the emotional component when shopping for colors. There is a reason why most hospitals have their walls painted white or blue. Find out the emotional implication of a color before you use it.


The color that is selected should not be viewed against a white wall background. The reason being that color, when laid against a white background, appears darker than it is. The result is that people end up purchasing colors that are lighter in tone than they intended. A painter needs to put the colors against furniture or floor to get a better perspective.

Flow of Color From Room to Room

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Another factor that you need to consider when choosing a color for your home is the manner in which different colors transition. This means that the colors should flow seamlessly into each other. As such, it would be okay to walk out of a white room into a room that is colored baby blue. In contrast, it would be an eyesore to step out of a red room into an orange room.

Follow the tips above to make the most of your home remodeling project. All the best as you shop for colors to bring cheer to your home.

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