3 Essential Tips for Beautifying a Dull Guest Room

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When it comes to any culture, we consider our guests above ourselves.

Whenever a guest arrives for a stay, it is our duty to ensure that they are having a good time and feel as comfortable as they do in their homes.

Here’s how you can spice up your guest room décor with these tiny yet significant tips.

#1 A Cozy bed is a key to your guest’s heart!

The first and foremost tip for paving your way towards your guest’s happiness is to ensure that the guest room has a cozy and comfortable bed to rest on.

The bed need not be covered with fancy upholstery; it is always considered better to equip the bed with a set of two medium sized pillows and three or four little cushions for extra support. During summertime, it would be a good idea to use cotton bed covers as they do not retain heat inside them.

As for the winters, you can opt for silk bed sheets and comforters.

#2 A drop of Sunshine.

Make sure that your guest room is properly ventilated and has an abundant source of light to pass in. In the absence of a proper system of ventilation, problems related to suffocation can arise which can end up ruining the entire ambiance of the room.

If your room has a lot of windows, you can opt for covering the same using some light colored blinds or thin curtains.

Using a set of translucent curtains is always better than opting for the thick opaque ones as they can completely obstruct the light source.

#3 Mastering the Art of Minimalism

There’s nothing more annoying for your guests than a full guest room. Using minimal show pieces and leaving more open space is always a good idea for those of you who have a small guest room. On the other hand, if your guest room looks too empty, you can always decorate the same using personalized wall hangings or by hanging interesting pictures on the wall.

An empty table can be turned into a good workplace by setting up a cute table lamp. You can also use large wall clocks to fill up an empty wall.

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