9 Pros and Cons of Becoming a Dental Assistant

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Have you ever considered becoming a dental assistant? As a career, dental assisting is one that is both professionally and personally fulfilling. If you have any questions about the pros and cons of becoming a dental assistant, keep reading to learn more.

1. Positive Job Growth

Predicted job growth for those in the medical/healthcare field is stronger than average, and this includes for dental assistants. The link between oral health and overall health is only growing stronger and this means that the demand for preventative dental care will continue. Furthermore, a larger number of older patients are keeping their own teeth for far longer, which means a large chunk of the population will continue to need dental services, thus making this a secure job choice.

2. Less Training Required

Studying to be a dental assistant doesn’t require as much school as some of the other careers in the dental field. Certificate programs can be completed in less than a year. Associate degree programs typically take two years. Some colleges offer dental assistant training in nine months, which gives a prospective dental assistant the option to start looking for an entry-level position fairly quickly compared to other career choices.

3. Varying Duties

The job duties for a dental assistant are rarely boring because they are quite varied. A dental assistant greets patients, takes them to the exam room, and might prep them for treatment or exams. They might also take dental x-rays, fit orthopaedic supplies, or clean dental tools. There’s never a dull moment in the field of dental assisting.

4. Decent Earning Potential

The median wager for dental assistants in Canada is in the region of $38,000 to $48,000. Most jobs will start out at a lower wage, with the opportunity to advance up the pay scale with continuing education certifications and/or experience.

5. Positive Work Environment

The work environment at a dentist’s office tends to be quiet and calm. As a healthcare facility it will be extremely clean. Compared to careers in other medical facilities a dental assistant position is usually much less messy and stressful.

6. Opportunities for Career Advancement

There are a lot of opportunities for career advancement in the dental health field. After you work as a dental assistant for some time you might decide to do further training and become a dental hygienist. Should you choose to move into more advanced positions you will see a significant increase in your salary.

7. Working in Mouths

Since the dental field involves the teeth and mouths of patients, working as a dental assistant means you will be up close and personal with patients’ mouths. This will put you in the position to have to endure unpleasant smells, sights, and other things that could bother you if you are squeamish.

8. Bodily Fluids

One of the job duties of a dental assistant is to clean up patients’ bodily fluids like blood, saliva, and even pus. Not everyone can handle this aspect of the job, so do make sure that it will be something you are comfortable with before you decide to go into this field.

9. Uncomfortable Positioning

Probably the most negative aspect of being a dental assistant is the potential for aches and pains in the neck, back, arms, and more. You might also suffer from headaches. This is caused by the sometimes uncomfortable positions dental assistants sit or stand in while caring for patients.

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