8 Ideas for How to Secure a Door Effectively

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When you move into a home, the first thing that you should do is to make sure that it is secure. The most obvious points of entry to your home are the doors and windows. The windows can easily be secured provided that they are locked. Doors, however, can be a lot more vulnerable.

Are you confident about how to secure a door? If not, rest assured there are several neat tips and tricks that can help to secure your home and get some sleep at night. Here are eight idea for how to secure a door effectively:

1. Change the locks

There is no guarantee that the previous tenant or owner gave you every copy of keys that they had for your home. Even if they did, they might have lost some over the years and your locks may not be as secure as you think.

As you change the locks, this is also a good opportunity to upgrade the quality of the lock. When you consider that the security of your home is at stake it is well worth investing in a lock that is of the highest quality.

2. Check the door

Take a good long look at the door itself. One of the main things that deter people from breaking into a home is the appearance of a home, and how easy it would be to break in. Burglars will often seek out a home that is a soft target.

Before we move onto the actual features of the door, let’s talk about how it looks. You want a door that looks robust, well made and modern. A door that looks flimsy and old will attract the attention of the opportunistic home invader.

3. High-Security Locks

You need to make sure that the lock of your door has all of the latest safety features. The strength of a door does not just come from the keypad or the lock itself. It is the deadbolt that prevents the door from opening. You need this to be not only strong, but the frame itself bust be able to withstand enough force that to contain the deadbolt.

4. Understand that smart locks are not all created equal

If you are thinking about upgrading your home to a smart lock system you need to bear in mind that there are some very real safety concerns to think about. Traditional locks need you to have the physical key to open and close the door. This means that if you have the only keys, you know that no one will be able to get into your home without significant challenges.

A smart lock that uses a keypad only needs to know the code. Never tell anyone the code to your home. This is a lesson that is particularly important to pass onto your children as if they mention it to anyone at school, you lose control of who can gain access to your home. A great tip for smart locks that have keypads is to change the code periodically.

5. Buy some security cameras

This is another great way to deter criminals from approaching your property. If they see a camera, they know that the home is protected in more ways than one. This can also prevent you from answering the door to someone who you don’t know. A security camera can also allow you to see if anyone has tried unsuccessfully to enter your home.

If a thief tries and is unsuccessful the first time, there is a good chance that they will try again in the near future. You will be able to report this to police and they will be able to investigate and hopefully stop the thief before they come back to your home, or someone else’s.

6. Install an alarm system

Having a professional install a door alarm system can go a long way to protecting the safety of your home. Many think of alarm systems as only sounding when someone enters the home. This is often too little too late.

Driveway alarms can provide advance warning that someone is on the property that you are not expecting. This can be synced to motion-activated lights and cameras. There is a really comforting feeling knowing that you will be alerted the moment someone steps foot on your property, well before they get within 10 feet of your door.

7. Security screens

These might not seem very robust, but when you think of them as a second door they really start to make sense as a way to secure your home. With a second set of locks to get through, the time and energy it takes to break into a home are doubled. This will be another factor that a burglar who is driving through your neighbourhood will consider.

8. Peepholes

A door can be the most secure door on the market with an unbreakable lock and it all counts for nothing if the door is opened from the inside. A peephole allows you to not only get a look at who is knocking at your door but also ask them to present some ID.

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