6 Proper Ways to Use Your Vacuum Cleaner Effectively

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Nothing has revolutionised the ability to clean a home than the vacuum cleaner. It is a real time save and picks up more dust and dirt than a broom would. This invention has the potential to help clean your home in record time and much more thoroughly than any other method.

It may surprise you to learn that many people are not using a vacuum cleaner to its full potential. We’ve put together some great tips that the pros use when operating a vacuum cleaner so that you can save time and clean better!

1. Make things easy for you

If your home is cluttered with lots of things scattered around on the floors you may find that cleaning takes a long time. The top tip that we have for anyone looking to keep the time they spend cleaning their home is to get organised. Surfaces and floors that do not have anything on them make it much easier to do quick cleans. In addition, picking the best brand of vacuum cleaners will make a huge difference. Consider using Miele vacuum cleaners to clean your home more effectively.

2. Take shoes off at the door

Leaving shoes on, even clean looking ones will track dirt into your home, It is best to insist that everyone takes their shoes off at the door. This means that any dirt or dust that is brought into your home is contained within one, easy to clean spot. If your friends and family aren’t used to this rule, it may take some reminding but they will get it soon enough.

3. Go over the same spot a couple of times

One pass from the hoover isn’t going to be enough to pull up all of the dust and dirt from the floor. Sometimes you may need to go over the same area more than once. If you are dealing with a rug or carpet, you may want to approach each spot from multiple directions too. By investing in a higher end vacuum you may not have to worry about this as much as the newer models are much more powerful and effective than older vacuums.

4. Upgrade your vacuum

If you are constantly frustrated with your vacuum not picking up dirt or your pets hair, it may be time to check out the latest models. Far too many people suffer with the frustration of working with a vacuum cleaner that is too old and long past its best. A newer vacuum will be noticeably more powerful and will take you much less time to clean your home. The amount of time that you will get back is truly astounding and well worth the money spent on a new vacuum that will last many years to come.

5. Create a schedule

By doing this you will be probably vacuuming more often than usual. But, by creating a schedule there will be no time for any dust or birt to build up in your home which will mean that you will be vacuuming for a very short amount of time. You can set the schedule to whatever works for you. We recommend a weekly vacuum as that is the easiest to manage. You will notice almost right away that the air in your home seems fresher and less dusty.

6. Change the bag often

Many people just assume that the bag in a vacuum is of infinite size and will never change it. In fact, if you have noticed that your vacuum is not as powerful as it used to be, this may very well be the cause. Changing the bag, or emptying the canister will make your life much easier.

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