6 Harmful Ways Liquid Waste Can Affect Your Home

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Improperly disposing of liquid waste can have a variety of negative impacts. From clogged pipes, to contaminated soil and costly repairs; the consequences can be severe. So, rather than let this happen to you, we’ve highlighted the consequences and explained how homeowners can mitigate the issue.

1. Clogged Pipes

Many homeowners dispose of liquids by tossing it down a drain. But, pouring liquids down a drain can have a serious impact on a home’s plumbing system. That’s because, the liquid could be corroding or clogging the pipes. Certain household liquids that are corrosive can eat though a plumbing system over time (for example cleaning products). In turn, this can lead to serious leaks, mold, mildew and more for a homeowner to have to deal with.

Certain household liquids can clog drain which affects the draining system in a home. Liquids such as oils and fats that get poured down a drain can thicken when cooled. When this happens, it can stop the flow of water. To rectify this issue, homeowners should make sure that they are disposing of liquids properly by consulting with their local waste management system before pouring it down a drain.

2. Soil Contamination

If a homeowner disposes of liquids by pouring it in their gardens, they are at risk of contaminating the soil on their property. Certain liquids such as harmful household cleaners can be detrimental to the ability to the future growth of plants. This can be devastating for homeowners who keep gardens, as it may eradicate the plants that are currently there.

If the homeowner has pets, and they ingest the harmful liquids, it can result in injury or illness. Rather than let this happen to you, be sure to consult with a waste management system before throwing out any household liquids.

3. Illness

Disposing of liquid waste improperly can result in illness. That’s because, the liquids that get tossed into a garbage or on a lawn can remain present for a long period of time. If an individual comes in contact with it, then they may be at risk of illness.

For example, certain household liquids can cause burns, rashes, or sickness (such as cleaning products). This can be especially harmful for elderly individuals, children or pregnant women who can easily be affected. To avoid these consequences, be sure to carefully read through the disposal instructions of a product and follow them carefully.

4. Stains

If a homeowner improperly disposes of liquid waste by pouring it into a garbage, or into their lawn it could result in some unsightly stains. That’s because, certain liquid products can corrode the surfaces they touch. For example, bleach or car cleaners will leave unsightly stains on nearly every household surface. So, rather than let these products seep out into your home, be sure to carefully follow the correct disposal procedures.

5. Home Repairs

Improperly disposing of waste in your home can result in costly home repairs. That’s because, the liquids that are improperly being tossed away can still impact the home. For example, if you pour liquids down a drain, and it begins to clog the pipes, a homeowner may need to call in a professional plumber to eradicate the issue.

If a homeowner pours a harmful item into their lawn, they will likely need to replace their crops. So, rather than spending the money on repairs, be sure to follow the correct liquid waste disposal methods from your home.

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