6 Fun and Creative Things to Do with Boxes in Your Home

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Do boxes pile up in your home? There’s always the recycling bin but maybe that’s also overflowing and you just don’t know what to do with the remains of different packages arriving at your house.

You can break down the boxes, store them somewhere, and wait until the next recycling day rolls around. Or you can choose to do something fun, quirky, and creative. The creative packaging possibilities are almost endless when it comes to the boxes in your home. Let’s have some fun with these six creative things to do with boxes:

1. Create a stylish door sign

If you live in an apartment building you probably know that it’s not always easy to decorate your home the way you’d like. Some landlords have strict rules about painting walls, hanging pictures, or even putting up new curtains. But you can use remnants from cardboard boxes to create some beautiful wall art or, even cooler, an awesome door sign.

Cut out the side of a box, spray-paint (or brush paint) it whatever color you’d like, and then paint or draw an apartment number or the name of your family on the front. Hang it on your apartment door and you’ll instantly have a one-of-a-kind welcome for guests. You can make several of these for different seasons and holidays as well.

2. Store all that loose stuff

Does your home feel cluttered because there’s stuff everywhere? Do things pile up until you’ve run out of storage space? Well, don’t worry! Take all those extra boxes and turn them into something both beautiful and useful: storage units. Yes, some people pack their extra books, clothes, and cutlery away in plain cardboard boxes…but you’re going to take it to the next level.

Cut away the opening flaps (if there are any) from the top of the box, making sure to trim and smooth the edges so they’re level all around. Then paint the boxes – inside and out – with whatever color(s) work best for you and your home. You can DIY a lid or use one that came with the box (again, if applicable)…or go without a lid altogether. Whatever you decide, your new storage boxes can be stacked or lined up and then filled with whatever you want.

3. Design customized postcards

If you have children, chances are they haven’t connected with some of your family in a while. (Maybe you haven’t either.) To rectify that, create some personalized postcards. It’s a fun project for younger and older kids alike – and for you too. This idea is really unique and could be one of the most creative things to do with boxes.

Select a box made from thinner cardboard and then cut out 6 x 4 inch rectangles. You can decorate one side of the postcard with crayons, paints, stickers, rubber stamps…virtually anything. Then write a sweet message on the back, add the address and a stamp, and it’s ready to go! Your family and friends will love these unique expressions of love.

4. Make your own photo frames

In the spirit of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, try your hand at creating custom photo frames that add an even more personal touch to your beloved photos. These frames are amazingly simple and quick to make; they just might become your new favorite craft project.

Simply cut out two rectangles of cardboard at whatever size feels right for the photo you want to frame (make sure both rectangles are the same size). Cut out a space in one rectangle so that the photo will be visible. Also cut out two or three small, equally sized cardboard triangles to use as a base for the back of the frame.

Once you have the triangles splayed out behind the solid rectangle, glue your photo to it. (You can also matte the photo on a separate piece of paper if you want.) Then glue the ‘frame’ rectangle on top. Simple as that! (You can also color and decorate the frame as wanted.)

5. Organize your desk with flair

If you collect pens and pencils like a squirrel or you constantly have paperclips, staples, and sticky notes everywhere…you probably need to organize your desk. Why spend money on an expensive plastic (or metal) desk organizer when you can create one for far less money…and with far more customization?

You’ll need a wide box as the base for the organizer – the shallower the better. Then you can create dividers from cut up pieces of a box. It might take some fine-tuning, but you’ll be able to make customized spaces to perfectly fit each office supply. Trim the organizer with some pretty washi tape and you’re good to go!

6. Protect surfaces from hot drinks with handmade coasters

Coasters are one of those things that you don’t really think about…until someone sets a hot, steaming cup of coffee on your beautiful hardwood end table – and some of that drink slops over the edge of the cup. Prepare for those problems by creating your own coasters. They don’t have to look recycled – the box parts are merely a base for your mad creative skills.

And whether you use paint, washi tape, calligraphy, or something even better to transform the coasters, you’ll have the confidence of serving any drink to your guests – without having to worry about your furniture.

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