6 Debunked Myths About Professional Locksmiths

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Locksmiths provide an essential service to those when they need it most. If you are locked out of your home then you need a locksmith to help you get into your home and change the locks if need be. The services they deliver are so important that many locksmiths even offer emergency locksmith services that are 24 hours a day. After all, the last thing that you want is to be locked out of your home in the rain at 4 o’clock in the morning.

There are a lot of myths about locksmiths out there and if you’re in need of a locksmith you should be aware of what is fact and what is fiction.

1. Lockpicking is just like in the movies

Television and movies love to make it seem like the star of the show can easily pick any lock with nothing but their wits and a screwdriver. While there is an established method for picking locks it can take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour depending on the type of lock that the locksmith is trying to pick. In some cases, a lock will not be able to be picked and it will be necessary to drill out the lock and replace the entire mechanism.

2. Keys that say “Do not copy” have never been copied

Most locksmiths and hardware stores will not bat an eyelid at copying a key that says “do not copy” There are no legal restrictions to this and for the most part this is just a way to sell this particular key design. If you are looking for a key that cannot be copied then there are options available however these are more expensive and often unnecessary provided there are only a few people who have the key to your home.

3. I’ll probably never need a locksmith

It is a common misconception that locksmiths are only needed when a person is locked out of their home. In fact, locksmiths can do a lot more than just pick or replace a lock. If you have an annoying lock that is hard to get the key into then you may want to have a locksmith take a look. They will be able to fix it so that your key operated much more smoothly. They will also be able to upgrade the locks in your doors so that your home is much more secure.

4. It’ll only take a few seconds for a locksmith to do their thing

Picking a lock can take some time, especially if you have a newer lock. The other services that a locksmith provides can take some time too. A key is a very intricate bit of metal and to copy it exactly can take a few minutes. Even small differences can make the difference between a key working perfectly to not at all.

5. I need to make my home lock pick proof

You may want the peace of mind that comes from having a high-security deadbolt that is lockpick proof. These are probably not needed as most burglars are not sophisticated enough to easily pick a lock.

6. Locksmithing is easy.

It takes many years of training and practice to be able to pick a lock quickly without damaging it. It takes many years of experience to adapt the techniques that are learned to the many varieties of locks that are out there. This is why locksmiths are able to charge what they do for their services. Like any skilled trade, you’re paying for the years of training and practice as well as their time and efforts.

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