6 Amazing Fruits You Can Just Grow in Pots

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Have you ever passed by someone’s house and noticed an awesome-looking lemon tree? Maybe seeing fruit growing on someone’s property impressed you. Sadly, you live in an apartment or a small house making it impossible for you to plant your own tree. Does this mean you must live a “fruitless” existence? No, you just have to select a few fruits that can be grown in pots. Here are six really awesome ones that fit the description of potted fruits and can gift you an enhanced landscape.

1. Lemons

Who said you need a big lemon tree to grow lemons? The tree is helpful when you want to grow a lot of lemons, but you could grow a few in a nice little pot in the kitchen. Certain “extras” are required to increase the chances of success. Fertilizer and humidity help tremendously. Lemons do require a bit of care in order to grow from a pot. Be sure to follow all recommended suggestion for such care.

2. Apples

Growing apple trees in a pot can be even trickier than growing lemons. However, it can be done if you are up to the task. Dwarf-apple trees with dwarf root-stocks must be chosen in order to gain a ceramic pot-friendly apple harvest. Don’t worry. You shouldn’t have a hard time locating them.

3. Pomegranates

This one might be a shock. Some think pomegranates fall under the category of exotic fruits. Such isn’t really the case. You can grow these sweet fruits in a pot as easily as other common fruit selections. Due to their relatively small size, pomegranates might even be easier to grow in a container. Just make sure they get a lot of sunshine. Otherwise, they won’t grow.

4. Strawberries

Strawberries might be among the easiest fruits to grow in a pot. Strawberries come with shallow roots, which makes them somewhat ideal for growing in containers indoors. Special pots with holes are necessary since water must drain from the soil. While relatively easy to grow, you must keep a careful eye on your strawberries to make sure nothing undermines their health while growing.

5. Bananas

Strawberries and bananas go well in a lot of organic recipes. To grow bananas in a large pot brings forth huge challenges though. A banana tree isn’t exactly simple to grow since the tree requires many nutrients in order to thrive.

The nutrients aren’t tough to find. Mulch and special soil can be bought in many stores. Ordering online won’t be complicated. Neither would be maintaining the right temperature in the home. Missing any of these and other steps, however, won’t bode well for your banana bunch.

6. Plums

Plums seem like an odd choice to grow in a pot considering how high the trees grow. As is the case with other fruit trees, the ease of growing plum trees can be surprising. The fact they are easy to prune makes them somewhat desirable choices. Why grow something that comes with burdens if you can choose something fairly simple to handle.

Scores of other fruits can be chosen when wishing to grow something in pots. You could end up with an amazing fruit forest right in your home.

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