5 Tips for Cooling Down a Room Without Air Conditioning

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If you happened to get through the summer without an air conditioner, you are one tough cookie. Most of us couldn’t make it through those stifling hot days without some kind of cool down system. And since most of us don’t have the money to install some sort of indoor cooling spa (or the incentive to call a plumber to do that), we have to go through the route of being inventive to solve that heat problem. And if you are the type that can’t stand another 90 degree day in the forecast but can’t afford an air conditioner, there are some ways you can get that temperature down in the room. It just takes a bit of ingenuity.

1) Close the blinds.

by arbyreed

Sounds simple right? well, the sunlight alone can increase the temperature in your room. So close the blinds and ideally, the shades too. In fact, if you can, buy black out curtains which will significantly reduce the amount of sunlight and heat you are getting into your room.

2) Create a make shift air conditioner.

by akahawkeyefan

Fill a bowl of ice – ideally, a very large bowl, and sit that in front of a fan. Then park yourself nearby and let the cool icy breezes blow over you. Sounds easy enough but it’s definitely a nice way of getting cooler air into a room.

3) Get a cross breeze going.

by Michael Cory

This means of course you need to open things up. But one of the best ways to generate a cooler room is to get a cross breeze going. Open up windows and even keep doors open (like your front door if you absolutely have to). Set up fans near these open windows and doors to pick up the breezes if it’s horribly still and hot outside.

4) Close up the hottest parts of your house (or apartment).

by sashwindowworkshop

Some rooms just get more sun and more heat than others. Some rooms get predominant shade and are likely about 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the rest of the house. It can feel like the luck of the draw that way. But you will want to close up the spaces that get the most heat. So block off the rooms that are significantly hotter than the rest so that warm air doesn’t generate in cooler spaces.

5) Turn off unused electronics.

by yourbestdigs

If you aren’t watching TV or using your laptop, unplug it. Not only are you saving on the electric bill, but it helps in the long run keep the temperature down. Turning off hot electronics can make a difference in the temperature in the room and help in keeping you cool in the hot weather.

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