5 Shopping Advice For A Yummy Pizza Oven

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Outdoor pizza ovens are highly popular. While it is not clear why this is the case, a quick look at outdoor pizza joints that use wood-fired ovens reveals that they are always packed with eager customers. It appears that pizza baked on an outdoor oven is finger-licking good.

Installing an outdoor pizza oven in your backyard comes with many possibilities, including a chance to invite family and friends over for a pizza party. To properly install an outdoor pizza oven, there are a number of things you should know.

1. Always Deal with a Professional

You should let a professional handle the installation of your outdoor pizza. There are regulations and guidelines you will need to follow. These include certain municipal codes, getting a permit for your oven and scheduling inspection to make sure it fits in with the rest of your home structures. Since the pizza oven will form part of your landscape, it is important to have a landscape designer to make sure it blends in with the rest of your landscaping.

2. Size and Structure

The size and structure of your pizza oven should feature ample space to accommodate heating space, wood, ventilation and, of course, the pizza and other ingredients. It should be built to scale to allow the right temperatures inside the oven. If it is too small, the temperatures may be too high. If your backyard allows, go for a larger sized pizza oven to allow adequate temperature regulation. A larger outdoor pizza oven also means that most of the food can be prepared in one go.

3. Location

Wherever possible, have your outdoor pizza oven closer to your home, but not too close. This means you can keep all cooking items within easy reach. Having it installed near your home makes it easy to share utilities such as plumbing, kitchen items such as plates and silverware, beverages, and a sink where you can wash off the dough from your hands. Other perfect locations for an outdoor pizza oven are near a pool house or a pavilion. Wherever you decide to locate your pizza oven, make sure the location is easily accessible and convenient enough to allow easy access.

4. Wood

Your outdoor wood-fired oven consumes a lot of wood. You will need to identify a wood storage space. Ideally, your oven should have a wood storage area underneath it or on its sides. Having the wood within easy reach makes it easy to keep the fire going.

Always go for a readily available wood type. However, hardwood such as hickory, maple, beech or oak is highly recommended. This is because it burns for a longer time, cooks faster, and makes your pizza taste really good. Fruity woods are also a good choice. Their lighter, sweeter flavours also give your pizza a nice taste.

5. Cooking Tools

Some tools that are ideal for indoor cooking are not suitable for outdoor use. Outdoor cooking tools should be able to withstand the intense oven heat. You will also need a long-arm pizza peel to slip the pizza in and out of the oven without exposing you to the intense heat. This tool is a must-have. Others include cleaning tools, a long hand-guided ash rake, shovels and brushes to keep debris and soot off your oven.

An outdoor pizza oven is one of those appliances that your home should feature. As a perfect addition to your backyard, it provides you with an opportunity to take your family ‘out’ without leaving the precincts of your home. When properly installed, an outdoor pizza oven can produce some of the best pizzas. Besides, the tales, real and imaginary, shared as your family and friends wait for the pizzas to cook can be quite riveting.

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