5 Reasons Why You Should Never Ignore a Leak Under Your Sink

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A kitchen sink leaking from faucet is the most common plumbing problem that you will encounter. You might think that the tiny drip is insignificant especially if the drip only happens when the faucet is on. Nothing could be further from the truth. Below are five reasons why you need to fix that leak under the sink.

  1. Damp Wood Encourages the Growth of Mold

Credit: Pixabay

A leak under the sink results in wet or damp wood under the sink. This is especially so if there is limited air supply under the sink. Damp wood encourages the growth of mold. You might not initially see mold, but its presence is manifested by a musty odor. Apart from the smell that you have to contend with, mold is an irritant to the respiratory system especially if an individual is allergic.

  1. Insects Are Attracted to Wet Wood

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A wet surface under the sink attracts a myriad of insects. Two insects are always present when the wood under your sink is damp, cockroaches and termites. Cockroaches will multiply at an alarming rate and could be hazardous to your health. Termites, on the other hand, will eat through the wood. A leaking kitchen sink opens the doors to an insect invasion and potentially expensive home repairs.

  1. Decay of Wood

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If a leak is sustained for a long time, then the wood under the sink will ultimately collapse. Apart from the ruined woodwork, you might be faced with a ruined floor or subfloor if the leak goes unchecked. The result is that you will be faced with a hefty home repair bill that could have been prevented without spending a fortune.

  1. Bills

Credit: Pixabay

At a glance, that tiny drip might not appear significant. The reality is that this slow drip of water eventually grows into a stream of water. You may not immediately quantify the water that you lose from an unregulated drip, but what is obvious is that it contributes to your final water bill. Depending on the rate of flow, your water bill could increase significantly from what you usually pay. There’s no telling how much you’ll have lost at the end of a year as a result of the leak.

  1. Dry Wall Damage

Credit: Wikimedia

A leak under the sink will most likely cause drywall damage. This is especially so in the case of the area under the sink having limited air circulation. Drywall damage occasioned by a damp environment under the sink has two grave dangers. The first is that the odor created is unbearable. The second threat is that a caking wall attracts mold and this can be injurious to your respiratory system, more so if you are allergic.

The above are the five reasons as to why you should never ignore kitchen sink leaking from faucet. Fixing the leak under the sink can save you high repair bills, damaged fixtures, and excessive utility bills. If you are dealing with a leak under the sink, call a professional plumber today.

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