5 Moving Checklist Items You Should Do Before Moving Day

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We all know moving is stressful. But it really doesn’t have to be. Hiring professional movers for local, long distance or even international moves can make the transition go smoothly and more efficiently than doing it all yourself.

Before moving day arrives, there’s a lot to be done just to get ready for it. When you know you’re going to be moving, make a checklist (or download one from the moving company website) to make sure you don’t forget things such as these:

1. Notifying utility providers.

Hydro, gas, phone, cable and internet providers all need to be advised of the move. Most of them like to have a few weeks notice so they can schedule staff to come to your new home if they have to physically re-connect your services. Make sure you give them enough time for the transfer as you don’t want to be without power or heat when you arrive at your new house.

2. Forwarding your mail at the post office.

Pile different size bubble lined shipping or packing envelopes

Set up mail forwarding services with the post office. You can do this by completing a form and giving it them, or you can do it on-line. The cost varies depending on how long you want the post office to forward your mail from your old place but you’re assured your mail gets re-directed until you can notify everyone of your new address.

3. Sending out change of address notices.

Notifying friends and family can be done with a quick email blast to everyone. Advising financial institutions, home service providers, newspaper delivery services or other companies you deal with takes more time and effort but needs to be done. Most can be done on-line these days, but if you prefer, you can still send out the old-fashioned change of address cards that you can pick up at the post-office.

4. Cancelling or transferring home services.

If you have a lawn maintenance company, housecleaning company or other home service provider, make sure you notify them you’re moving. If your move is local, they may still be able to provide service, but if you’re leaving the area, you need to give them some notice that you’re cancelling their service. Even if you don’t have a formal contract, be courteous and give them as much notice as possible.

5. Keep all your important documents and belongings with you.

Birth certificates, wills, home deeds, mortgage paperwork, medications, valuables, work visas and permits should all be kept with you, in one place, on moving day. If it’s something that is difficult to replace or will be needed as soon as you arrive at your new home, keep it with you. You don’t want these items packed in a box you may not get to for a week if you know you have an immediate need for it.

Once all of these are organized and everyone has been notified, you can get the rest of your belongings packed and organized for moving day.

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