5 Methods to Optimize the Performance of Your Electronics

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If you run a data center or your company relies on a lot of electronic equipment, its essential to finds ways to save energy. Running an energy efficient business improves your bottom line and allows you to contribute to the environment. When your power consumption is out of control costs, begin to rise, and you face the risk of equipment failure. This post looks at five things you can do to improve the performance of your electronic equipment.

1. Take Control Of The Lights

Believe it or not, the lights that surround your equipment have a significant impact on how much energy is used. If you have lights pointing down on your equipment all day, it’s going to be difficult to control heat and reduce energy consumption. Finding ways to take control of your lights will help you cut down on energy use.

One cost-effective technique you can try is putting your lights on a motion sensor. With a motion sensor, your lights are only in use when people are actively working around the equipment. Another option is to upgrade the ballast which is a part housed in the lighting fixture. Newer electronic ballasts save energy by allowing you to control how much energy is sent to each lamp.

2. Investing In A Quality Electronic Cooler

Keeping your electronics cool is a necessity if you want to improve performance. A quality electronic cooler will make all the difference when it comes to extending the life and increasing efficiency of your devices. Modern vortex electronic coolers can safely keep even sensitive electronic devices at a cool temperature.

In order to protect your devices, it’s essential to conduct regular maintenance on your electronic cooler. Dust, oil and other debris can reduce the efficiency of your electronic cooler. Regular cleanings will make it easy for you to keep your energy costs under control.

3. Update Your Equipment

The fact of the matter is new technology performs better. You’ll spend less time trying to keep your devices working correctly if you just invest in new equipment. Modern PCs, laptops and storage systems draw far less power than early versions of the same equipment.

Another way to upgrade your equipment is to consider virtualization technology. If you’re running a data center, it makes sense to take advantage of virtual options since they free up physical space and lower power consumption. Virtual servers allow you to run multiple instances on a single machine without drawing power directly from your building.

4. Make It Easy For Your Devices To Stay Cool

Part of improving the performance of your electronic equipment requires optimizing the physical environment for your equipment. Simple things like improving the airflow in your office can reduce how much power is needed for cooling. You can take advantage of fans, pumps, and chillers to create a cool air flow.

Another basic way to improve performance is to ensure you’re using the right accessories for your equipment. Products that require a power conversion cost you more in power than just investing in the compatible part. It’s also essential to recognize when its time to expand your equipment instead of overloading your systems.

5. Invest In Constant Monitoring

Investing in monitoring is a great way to ensure performance is always at an acceptable level. It’s worth mentioning things in the environment such as humidity, temperature, and power use so you can make real-time adjustments. Tracking these variables makes it easy to make effective changes to the layout of your data center. Monitoring and making changes in real time allows you to extend the life of your equipment while reducing energy consumption.

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