5 Ideas For Making Your Attic An Inviting Space

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For the most part, attics are usually used to store boxes, old furniture, and antiques that have probably rusted. However, you can do more with your attic than simply letting it hold items you don’t want to look at anymore. You can make it into an inviting space that you’ll want to visit and spend time. How do you do that? Well we have five ideas to turn your attic into a living space that you might actually think of as inviting.

1) Use the natural light – or install some.

One immediate way to turn around an attic is to give it some light. If you have the windows available, open them up. You may even be able to install some skylights, although check the integrity of the walls and the roof before doing this kind of heavy work. Consider track lighting or even wall sconces if you don’t want to go the route of installing windows, which can be expensive. Use mirrors as a way to reflect the light as well.

2) A fresh coat of paint.

You are likely able to do this yourself, but if you want an expert and are unsure of your skills, hire a painter to refresh the look of the space. Try a bright color along one wall for an accent color. Better yet, painting the floor can reflect light a lot better as well and makes for an excellent finish.

3) Use furniture that matches the size of the space.

Start out by measuring the entire room – corner to corner, awkward corner to awkward corner. Really take a look at how much room you have. Will it fit a modest couch or can you turn this into an extra bedroom with a queen bed? Would it work better with children sized furniture? Turn it into a playroom. Also, keep these measurements, because you can use these to install shelves and other potential DIY ideas.

4) Give it a purpose.

If you don’t want to simply use the space as an extra bedroom, consider giving the room a purpose. Add a desk for your writing retreat. Turn it into a reading space and install bookshelves and comfortable seating. Consider turning into a space that you can go to for movie nights and turn it into a theater space.

5) Think outside the box.

You don’t just need to turn the attic into a bedroom or some variation of a living space. Consider thinking outside the box and use your personal interests and passions as a guide. Love working out? Turn it into a gym. Need an extra bathroom? While it may take some extra construction work, turn it into a bathing space. Need extra closet space? Put all those extra shoes and accessories and off season clothes in here.

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