5 Health Benefits When You Join a Dance Class

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Your health is important and whether or not you are in great shape or need to improve, it is imperative to find ways to get the exercise you need. While activities such as running, walking, swimming, and lifting weights can improve your health, they can be repetitive and therefore become boring.

If you are looking to enjoy some health benefits while at the same time being able to mix things up, below are 5 reasons to join a dance class instead.

1. Cardiovascular

There are many great ways to ensure you get the cardiovascular activity you need for your heart rate to raise and deliver more oxygen to your blood cells. Many people choose to walk, jog, and swim but if you want to do something different and achieve the same results you should think about taking a dance class.

A typical adult resting heart rate is between 60 to 100 beats per minute. When you dance, this rate increases significantly. This allows more blood to pump to the lungs to gather oxygen that body tissues use. By participating in dance, you will therefore be reducing your chances of developing high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

2. Build muscle

Some dancers look weak and delicate however to be able to perform the moves they need to most are actually very strong. By participating in dance classes, you will be able to build muscle as well.

Dancing is considered an aerobic exercise. This means that participants build strength through resistance, using body parts and muscles they are not used to using. According to research, one 30-minute dance class can burn up to 250 calories, making the workout you get comparable to jogging. Many types of dances work body parts such as arms, legs, back, and abdominal muscles and as you use them in a repetitive manner, you will notice you are strengthening these areas dramatically.

3. Improve flexibility

Flexibility is important because your joints and muscles are able to enjoy a great range of motion without tightness, pain, or injury. These issues typically occur when tissues around joints and muscles are tight and attempt to alter the way they move.

Dance classes are a great way to improve your flexibility. Most dance classes include strict stretching routines designed to warm up the joints and muscles you will be using. The dances themselves involve many motions involving the bending and stretching of all major muscle groups. As a result, you will become more flexible just by doing the dances required and you will be able to avoid pain and injury in many areas.

4. Mental health

With so many stressors in life such as employment, education, bills, and raising a family, it can be easy to fall into a funk of anxiety and depression. While these issues can be frustrating and discouraging, dancing can provide a perfect outlet that allows you to make improvements that can affect your mental health and overall well-being.

Dancing requires you to use your cognitive abilities to remember moves and routines. In doing so, you will be lifting yourself out of any mental fogs you are in. The rhythmic movements required for dance classes are proven to release endorphins which are hormones responsible for boosting moods. As you learn dance routines and start to perfect them, your self-esteem will receive a boost and you can enjoy a stronger sense of self and accomplishment.

5. Improve posture

Your posture is important because slouching can negatively affect your neck, back, and core muscles. This can only get worse as you age so it is beneficial to do what you can now to improve your posture.

Dance routines require you to maintain good posture, forcing you to improve it if it is bad and maintain it if it is good. Therefore, by participating in dance classes you are provided a perfect opportunity to improve your posture. As mentioned, dance builds muscles and improves flexibility. Consequently, you can improve these things in the areas responsible for posture, allowing you to improve noticeably.

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