5 Essential Items You Need When Moving Into a New Apartment

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Moving is always an exciting experience, whether good or bad. Hopefully, though, it’s a good thing to move, especially when your new apartment is fully furnished. A new environment, new furniture, a new view, and even new neighbors. It can be extremely refreshing for those of us who simply need a change.

However, just because your new apartment is furnished, that does not mean that you don’t have to bring absolutely nothing. Clothing and food is a good idea, for instance, but those are common sense examples. What are some more thoughtful things to bring to a furnished apartment? Well, the guide below will provide you with five good things to always bring to your new furnished apartment.

1. Cleaning Supplies

Chances are that your new apartment will be clean when you move in, and that’s always nice. How long will it stay that way, though? If you would like to keep your new place all nice and tidy, you will have a much easier time if you bring some cleaning supplies with you. A nice vacuum, a mop, the typical essential cleaning products, etc. Having those will allow you to clean as soon as something begins to get dirty, which will help keep that delicate balance of cleanliness in check.

2. Bathroom Supplies

No matter how long you plan on staying in an apartment, you should always take specific bathroom items just in case. Toilet paper, toiletries, a bathroom rug, soap, shampoo, and any other products you may need may not be waiting for you when you walk in. As you can imagine, many of those things are not something you would want to typically be left without, so it’s better to be safe and take them with you.

3. Kitchen Supplies

What better way to acclimate to your new environment than by preparing your favourite meal? Whatever that meal may be, it is safe to assume that you will probably need plates, bowls, and silverware. It would also be wise to prepare pots, pans, cups, and your typical food products. It might take you a while to sleep soundly in the new place, after all, so why not grab some yummy snacks for those midnight cravings when you can’t sleep too well? Plus, you always want a little food around the place.

4. Laundry Basket

Whether you are blessed with a washer and dryer in your place or you have to carry your clothes down to the laundromat, you will need a good, sturdy laundry basket. Of course, you can find creative ways to transfer your clothes, such as wadding them up into a giant ball and carrying them to the washer, but a basket will probably be the easiest route. It’s advised that you choose your favourite variety of basket colour, because why wouldn’t you choose that colour?

5. Extra Batteries

Batteries are pretty undervalued sometimes. You never realize how useful they are until you really just can not be bothered to get up to turn the channel on the television, or until, you know, there are no batteries in your smoke alarm and a nasty fire catches you off guard. Whatever tragedy that it is you find yourself facing in your new place, there’s a good chance that batteries might just help you out or even help you avoid the tragedy altogether. Plus, you can buy them in bulk, and buying in bulk has a certain charm to it that is wonderful, as well as being a conveniently cheap buying option.

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