5 Best Ways to Save Money on Car Rentals

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More Canadians are no longer owning an automobile. Because you’re spending as much as $10,000 per year for a box with wheels, many households are ditching the family vehicle in favor of multiple alternatives, like public transit, walking, Uber, and bicycling, all in the hopes of saving a few loonies.

That said, there are just times when you yearn to put your pedal to the metal and explore the open road. But how can you do this without leasing or buying a vehicle. That’s easy: rent a car.

Many may be hesitant to rent a car because of the hefty-price-tag involved, but employing the right methods can ensure you can save money on that rental of a sports car, four-door sedan, or minivan. Here are five tips for saving big on your car rentals:

1. Join a Loyalty Rewards Program

Who needs to join another loyalty rewards program? Well, if you’re a frequent renter, then you should.

A lot of car rental facilities offer their customers a loyalty rewards card, one that comes with savings, discounts, promotions, and perks. It may add to your wallet of cards, but it is worthwhile to enroll because then you may find some savings in the end, no matter how miniscule.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who only rents once or twice a year, then it’s not as necessary.

2. Use a Car Rental-Friendly Credit Card

Some credit cards are catered to a specific audience.

One credit card will be tailored to those who fly a lot. Another credit card will be marketed towards businesses. But some credit cards are perfect for clients who frequently rent automobiles.

What’s the point of having a car rental-friendly piece of plastic?

Well, similar to the loyalty rewards program, you can get receive some savings, accumulate points to earn a free rental, and a whole host of other perks.

3. Compare Prices Before Renting

You may have a go-to car rental facility, but, if savings are your primary concern, then you should do the elementary trick that you do for every other consumer purchase: price comparison.

By comparing prices of vehicle rentals, you can ultimately put more money in your pocket, which can go towards those road trip Tim Hortons purchases. Just be sure that you are saving big bucks.

Moreover, while you’re at it, it would be prudent to find coupons to add to your discounts.

4. Never Rent at the Airport

Yes, it might be convenient, but there is something that you must never do: rent at the airport.

It is easy and time-saving to rent a four-door sedan at the airport, but you’re paying a premium of 30% – or more – for that level of convenience. In addition to that higher price-tag, you’re pay a wide variety of other fees, including an airport concession fee.

You’re better off leaving the airport and going somewhere else for your car rental.

5. Fill Up the Gas Before Returning

Do you know what can set you back on your final bill? The gasoline.

Many customers make the mistake of returning their car rental on an empty tank, but you will be charged a fee should you do this. What’s worse, you are generally charged for premium gas, not the regular grade. So, before you drop off the automobile on the lot, fill ‘er up with regular-grade gas, and save some dough. You’ll be glad you did.

Autumn is upon us, one of the greatest seasons to drive in, particularly if you’re traveling through a rural area of the province. You get to see the beautiful scenery, watch turkeys cross the street, and listen to a divine J.S. Bach harpsichord concerto on the radio.

If you don’t own a vehicle because you live in the city, then you’re missing out. But don’t miss out any longer. All you need to do is head over to your nearest car rental company, rent the most basic of automobiles, and soak in the fall weather.

Just be sure you’re saving as much money as you can.

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