5 Benefits of Staging Your Home with Furniture

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Want to add a lived-in feel to your house and sell it faster? Well, fresh paint, carpet and blinds are not enough. If you want to extend your new home’s appeal and increase chances of selling it quickly, adding Gus furniture helps a great deal. There are a number of reasons why renting Gus modern furniture and other decorative accessories for your home is a clever idea.

1. Demonstrates the Elegant Potential of Your Home

Imagine your new home featuring elegant lighting, beautifully tailored modern sofas, and luxurious contemporary lounge chairs and tables. While it’s a good gimmick to ask potential buyers to visualize your new home featuring the most modern elegant furniture, nothing beats a real-time demonstration in helping them actually “see” the unlimited possibilities of what they can do to the house. As you walk them through your beautiful furnished home, they can actually see themselves living there. Some of them may even request if they can buy the house with the furniture, in which you can direct them to the relevant furniture shop.

2. Use Staged Sets or Design Yours

With Gus modern furniture, you can buy a pre-assembled staging set that has proven effective in a number of homes. Once your new home is set up with modern furniture, it will immediately come alive and your potential buyers will instantly feel at home. Compare this with trying to sell a bare house and you have a winner. You can even add some of your own personal styles in the design to bring out the desired look.

3. Your Home Will Sell Faster

This is the ultimate goal of fitting your new home with Gus modern furniture. As long as you have quality furnishings and accessories, your home will come alive; and buyers will not need further convincing. They don’t have to be convinced that the home is spacious enough to accommodate the necessary furniture and décor. Once they see your staged home in action, the only question you may have to answer is: “Can I keep the furniture?” Of course, you may have to politely say “no” but point them to where they can buy a similar set.

4. Huge Payoff for a Reasonable Rental Investment

The cost of renting a high-quality modern staging furniture is negligible compared with the payoff of quickly selling your new home. You could even add the furniture rental fees to the sale price. In most cases, a buyer will pay the full asking price when they see the furnishing potential of the house. You might even have a few buyers interested in the same house.

5. Contemporary Styles

With rented furniture, your home gets to feature modern contemporary furniture designs that make it look and feel elegant and unique. Such an updated style spotlights your house in a hugely compelling way and brings out its best attributes. Potential buyers may even subconsciously be more impressed by the elegant furniture and décor than the house itself. This has the effect of selling your house one of the easiest tasks you could ever take on.

These are just a few of the reasons you might want to consider staging your home with Gus modern furniture. Besides the obvious reason of providing potential buyers with a practical example of how it would feel and look like once they buy the house, it also brings out the functional and aesthetic value of the house. Since the furniture is contemporary, your staged home will feature rented furniture that is unique and elegant. The overall goal is to make your house stand out from the rest of the pack.

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