4 Ways to Keep Your Package Safe During Transit

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Whether you are a company sending products to a customer or a person sending something to a friend or family member, you want the item to reach its destination safely. If it does not, no matter who the recipient is, he/she will be disappointed and you will be too. As a result, when sending something by mail, you need to take steps to ensure the item will be safe from damage and a lot of this has to do with how you prepare the package. Below are tips to keep your package safe during transit.

1. Use a suitable package

Your shipment may be travelling long distances and may change hands numerous times. If you do not use suitable packaging supplies, the changes of it getting damaged are definitely high.

Depending on your item, you have numerous options. For non-fragile items or ones that are already well-protected with a box, poly bags are cheap, weather resistant, and will be cost-efficient to send. For fragile items, corrugated boxes that are single or double-walled will keep your items from damage. If you choose to use a box, it should be a little bit bigger than the actual item so some cushioning can be added for extra protection.

2. Use impact protection

When it comes to sending your customers items that they bought from you, you definitely do not want to take a change in terms of protection. Damages will definitely equal disappointment and the customer will probably never buy from you again.

Before sealing up your product for shipment, use bubble wrap and/or newspaper to protect it. If there are multiple items, wrap each one individually. This will prevent them from banging together and damaging one or both items. As mentioned, your box should be a little bit bigger than the actual item being shipped. This will leave some space that should be filled with packing peanuts or air-cellular packs. These will provide even more protection and will prevent your item from shifting around during transit.

3. Use reliable courier

You can have the best packaging and interior protection possible, but if you do not hire a good, reliable courier service, items may not only get damaged anyway, but the item could get lost during transit.

When shipping your products, do your research and hire a courier with a solid reputation. To find one, ask family members, friends, and fellow business owners for recommendations. Also read reviews and check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website for any reports. A good courier service should be able to deliver to anywhere in the world and provide a few options for shipping rates. While cost is important, do not go with the cheapest courier service as this may force you to sacrifice quality of service.

4. Seal your package

During transit, a package can open up and get lost or damage due to extreme temperatures or weather elements. Therefore, no matter what type of packing you choose to use, you need to tape it up.

If you are using a bag to ship your item, consider adding a few layers of tape in addition to the glue strip that is used to typically keep them closed. This will provide more holding power so the bag does not open. If you are sending with a box, be sure to tape the bottom of the box to prevent your product from falling out on this end during transit. Do the same on the top and tape in an H-shape along the ends and up the middle. This ensures that all seams are covered and prevents the box from opening.

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