4 Popular Dining Room Upgrades in Modern Homes

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Renovation projects are a great way to add character and personal flair to a living space. Whether you’ve just bought a new house, are just want to spruce up your current home, a well-planned renovation project is a great way to go about it. When it comes to planning renovations, usually homeowners already know which rooms they’d like to focus on. Bathrooms and living rooms often eat up the bulk of a renovation budget, but there are other rooms worthy of serious consideration.

One such room to consider is the dining room. Dining rooms can be isolated eating and entertaining spaces, or part of an openly connected and shared space with the kitchen. Whatever the case may be, it’s often been said that the dining room is the heart of a family home. With all of that in mind, it’s easy to see why renovating and upgrading a dining room is worthy of consideration. High-quality dining room furniture is a worthy investment, which both family and friends are sure to enjoy.

Below, we’ll look at just a few pieces of furniture worth considering during a dining room renovation project, and hopefully highlight how they can bring even more life to the room at the heart of the house.

1. The Dining Room Table

In dining rooms with plenty of space, nothing beats a long dining room table with seating to accommodate plenty of guests. For smaller spaces, roundtables can provide plenty of seating, while occupying less moveable space than a longer table would. Each dining room and style of renovation demands its own type of table, and thus tables must be assessed on a case by case basis.

As far as table materials are concerned, many renovators look towards either solid wood or glass. Glass tables have become more reliable and resistant to scratches and breakage in recent years, with tempered glass now commonplace in their construction. However, for many, wood is a tried and true option, which can last for decades when taken care of. The craftsmanship of any specific wooden table can add a lot to a room, and there are hundreds of options to choose from when seeking out the perfect one.

2. Bar Cabinets

Adding a bar cabinet to a dining room not only introduces an additional storage option, but they’re a great way to store various drinks, with built-in bottle and wine racks a common feature. If you’re part of a family which loves to celebrate or just enjoys a nice glass of wine from time to time, a bar cabinet can quickly become a must-have upgrade.

You will find the bar cabinet coming in handy on multiple occasions, especially when it is positioned at the heart of a dining room. Dining rooms serve a dual purpose in most houses. The first, and most immediately obvious purpose is an eating space. Aside from eating, however, dining rooms are also a common space for entertaining guests and celebrating events of all kinds. Holidays, Birthdays, and even parties often capitalize on a dining rooms access to seating, openness for conversation, and spacious nature.

The dining room not only provides a common eating space but provides nearly limitless utility in regards to entertaining guests and celebrations, especially when you can keep the alcohol in the bar cabinet stocked up!

3. Curio Cabinets

Continuing on the topic of cabinets, another great option for a dining room renovation is a curio cabinet. Curio cabinets add additional storage potential to a dining room, but more importantly, curio cabinets are typically designed for display purposes. If you want to add some additional character to a dining space, without sacrificing too much space or casting aside practicality, a curio cabinet is a great way to do so. 

4. Lighting

During the renovation process of a dining room, it’s important to consider what sort of lighting will go well with the completed project. Choosing from all of the possible lighting options can be quite a difficult task, with island lights, and many types of chandeliers being the most popular choices. There are countless possibilities when it comes to choosing dining room lighting, and finding the perfect lighting, even if your heart is set on a chandelier, can be a difficult, albeit worthwhile, task.

There are plenty of other things to consider as well, ranging from seating to different varieties of storage, and entertainment options. Although a dining room renovation project can be difficult initially, the final product is sure to be the life of the home.

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