3 Essential Activities for Good Lawn Care

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The interior of your home is important because it is where you live and you want it to be clean and presentable. However, the exterior of the house, specifically the lawn, is important as well. A healthy and well-kept lawn demonstrates how proud you are of your home and the work you put into the maintenance of it.

However, sometimes no matter how much time and effort you put into your lawn, it can still look unsightly. This may be because your grass needs certain things that you may not be giving it. Below are three lawn care processes to perform to ensure your lawn is healthy and doing them will allow your grass to bounce back and look great in no time.

1. Do not cut short

When your grass gets long, it is common for people to want to cut it as short as possible. After all, this will allow you more time between cuts and it looks good when it is nice and short. However, the truth is cutting your lawn too short will allow the sun to burn it, turning it an unsightly yellow colour. It also leads the grass open to disease.

To ensure your lawn is lus and green in colour, do not cut it too short. Cutting it shorter is acceptable for your first cut of the year since this removes dead grass on top and allows sunlight and nutrients to get to the roots and revitalize it. However, fur subsequent cuts, raise your lawn mower deck by at least 2 inches. Also ensure your blades are sharp. Dull blades will tear the grass at the surface instead of cutting it, killing it in the process.

2. Water

You probably know that grass needs water to survive and you probably take time to water it with a hose or sprinkler especially during dry spells with no rain. However, the method in which you water your lawn is important as well.

When watering your lawn, leave your sprinkler on for 4 or more hours or if you are using your hose, give it a good, thorough soak. This ensures that water is getting deep into the roots, allowing for better grass growth as opposed to just wetting the surface. Shallow watering will only lead to your grass developing short roots and dying with any dryness. Watering your grass in the morning is recommended as it has a chance to dry out throughout the day. A lawn that is watered then left to soak for extended periods is more susceptible to fungus and disease. It is estimated that a lawn should receive about one inch of water per week.

3. Fertilize

Fertilizing your lawn is extremely important to grass growth. It makes soil more fertile to grow new grass and gives the grass strength and nutrients that allow it to outgrow weeds. Fertilizer contains three main ingredients: nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Nitrogen easily penetrates the soil and  allows for your grass to be lush and green. Phosphorous stimulates growth at the root and potassium gives your lawn the strength it needs to resist disease.

When choosing a fertilizer, choose a type that is higher in nitrogen and lower in the two other main ingredients. Using a spreader to apply the fertilizer will ensure it is even across your lawn. Failure to do so will result in strips and spotting as some parts of your lawn will be getting more fertilizer than others. Choose organize fertilizer over synthetic as this can have a positive influence on the health of your soil as well, allowing for better grass growth and resistance against disease.

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