10 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Your Sanctuary

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When you are in need of a retreat, sometimes your bathroom is your only sanctuary. Yet aside from the most basic needs of a sink, toilet and bathtub or shower, what you add to a bathroom cam transform it out of its usual utilitarian dwelling. We have ten ways you can turn your abode into a retreat of your own.

1) Improve the lighting.

A well-lit bathroom with the proper type of lighting can make all the difference in making you feel safe as well as look good too. First, consider your ceiling light. This is the light that can make a difference in what you are able to see in your bathroom (although not the best for looking in the mirror thanks to the shadows it creates on your face). If you are small on space and maybe have an apartment where you are unable to make large changes to the design of your bathroom, try installing a battery operated ceiling light that can give you more lighting than the one at the mirror.

Wall lights are the best kind for your face, especially when placed near eye level. White light and light with the broadest spectrum are the most ideal when considering the type of lighting you’ll want for applying makeup or other types of personal grooming. Also add in nightlights, whether it’s the type that are plugged into your wall or the type that you put under the cabinets, such as LED light strips.

2) Invest in good towels.

Sure it’s easy to find a deal for cheap towels at Target, but if you are really desiring to make your bathroom an ultimate retreat, choose towels that serve its greater purpose. Remember, the most important thing for a towel? Absorption. While it may be nice for a towel to be as soft as the blanket on your bed, that isn’t its job. Plus you want this towel to last. Choose thicker towels as they are the most likely to absorb, according to Consumer Reports. Also purchase a towel that is made with rayon or Egyptian cotton as those are the softest as well as two ply towels, which last long as well.

3) Purchase good bath products.

Whether it’s shampoo, hand soap, lotions, or conditioners, what you put on your skin matters a lot. Take the time to research and learn about the best products for your skin type. Don’t have the money to purchase these items? Check out this list of 50 easy DIY bath and body products by WiseBread.

4) Clean it.

Soudns simple enough but a clean bathroom is more desirable than a dirty bathroom. According to Merry Maids, do a routine clean up at least once a week. You should clean the toilet at least once or twice a week since that is the most germ ridden part of the bathroom. Wipe down the sink and the mirror since it takes a lot from your personal grooming behaviors. Change out the linen on a daily or semi-daily basis as well.

5) Get a new shower head.

A long shower can wash off the burdens of the day, relieve stress and leave you feeling renewed. With that in mind, you need to have the right shower head. First consider the type of spray you want, whether its massage quality, a rainshower, or overall high pressure. It’s all unique to you. Once you know the type you want, than you can figure out whether you want it to be a removable shower head or adjustable in some way. Groom and Style has a list of their best shower heads that you must check out if you are interested in finding the best.

6) Invest in an oil diffuser or candles.

Oil diffusers can set the mood and provide an excellent aroma to your bathroom. Candles can do the same as well as set the ambiance for a nice bath. When selecting an oil diffuser, consider the design you are interested and the oil diffusers function. Some can work as a great nightlight and others blend in with unique design choices based on your bathroom decor.

7) Repaint the walls.

White tends to be the standard color for most bathrooms, but step outside the box a bit and repaint your bathroom walls. According to Good Housekeeping, to give your bathroom the ultimate spa feel, choose a soft blue or gray color. Also, if you want a pop of color, repaint your cabinets blue and add pops of color with your linen and bathroom area rugs.

8) Get rid of clutter.

Do you really need every single bathroom product you own out on the counter? Probably not. Put away what you aren’t using on a daily basis. Can’t resist cotton balls out on your sink? Get a glass bowl or mason jar to put items like these. Make sure to toss out old bathroom products (we all have several years old sunscreen and sample sized body wash from that hotel we stayed out ten years ago). Install a shower caddy where you can put all those soaps and shampoos.

9) Add a bit of technology.

Waterproof, bluetooth enabled shower radios are now the latest and greatest addition to the ultimate bathroom experience. From the simple design to the complicated, this is a must have for that morning or evening shower or relaxing bath. Make sure you choose one with a long battery life and can connect to the device of your choosing.

10) Take your time.

If you are really interested in making your bathroom a sanctuary, take your time. Don’t just rush in and rush out while you are getting ready to get out the door. When you can, take the time to appreciate this time for yourself. Slow down and don’t rush. This is the best way to appreciate the time and consideration you’ve put into this sanctuary of your own.

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