10 Handy Tips to Maintain Wood Floors

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Wood floors are one of the most popular flooring types and needs special care in order to maintain their appearance. The wrong cleaning method can result in a scratchy floor and even cause damage, which will ruin the wood floor’s appearance and be costly to fix. Regular cleaning can help maintain the beauty of your floors. Keep these tips in mind if you have wood floors in your home.

1. Keep them dry.

Standing water does incredible damage to wood floors. In the rainy seasons and in snow, be sure to keep track of water that collects on the floor. Make sure people take their shoes off at the entrance and have a designated area away from the flooring for people to put shoes and wet coats.

2. Put down area rugs.

One sure way to make sure that you are sustaining the life of your wood floors is by putting down area rugs, especially in high trafficked areas. It also can be a great way to add colour and personality to your home. However, even the wrong area rug can result in damage to your wood floors. For example, choose a non-staining rug, otherwise you run the risk of the colors bleeding into the floor. Also, avoid a rug with latex backing which could trap moisture in the floor.

3. Protect the wood floor from furniture.

Furniture can easily scratch your wood floors, so underneath each of your furniture pieces, put down furniture slides or felt pads under the furniture legs. This will help cut down on the scratches that could appear on the wood floor.

4. Clean according to the finish.

The three major wood floor finishes are surface finishes, wax, and acrylic. If you aren’t sure the type of finish you have, be sure to contact a flooring professional in your area. Cleaning with the right products is sure to maintain the life of your floors so get their recommendations on the most suitable cleaning product.

5. Keep up your clean up routine.

Gently cleaning your wood floors on a regular basis is sure to keep its shine and beauty. Daily, use a soft broom to dust and at least once a week, vacuum your floors. However, make sure the brushes on the vacuum and broom are suitable for your floors. Other cleaning routines include a maintenance coat and refinishing your floor.

6. Test out your cleaning method.

One excellent way to figure out the best cleaning method for your floor is to test out the product or method in a small hidden area of the room. That way if you the results don’t appear to work well with your type of flooring you won’t have done much damage.

7. Clean up spills immediately.

Spills happen of course. However, as each comes along, clean them up immediately with a lightly damp cloth. Ignoring a spill can result in damaging the wood.

8. Avoid damp mopping or steam cleaning.

Excessive moisture on a wood floor is sure to cause damage. This cleaning method is generally best avoided as water in general will damage wood floors.

9. Avoid wearing shoes in your home.

The rule for leaving shoes at the door also means not putting on shoes until you are at the door. Wearing heels or sports cleats can end up scratching the floor and ruining the beauty of the wood flooring.

10. Keep up with floor repairs.

If your wood floors have been around a while, which is common in old homes, keep up with the appearance of the floors by performing simple and easy repairs. Go to a hardware store and purchase a wood filler to fill in noticeable holes. This will help you clean the wood floors easier as well.

Wood floors are beautiful and maintaining that beauty will require a bit of extra thought and care. These tips will help you in sustaining the appearance of the wood floors in your home.

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